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Romans 8:31-39

This passage is a triumphant declaration of God’s provisions for Christians that enable us to live confidently for Christ despite various forms of opposition I. God’s generous provisions give us endurance in opposition (8:31-32) 1. “God is for us” who love God and are called according to His purpose (8:28-30) 2. Opposition does exist, but…


Romans 8:1-4

The apostle Paul assures the Christians that because of the work of the Christ and through the indwelling Holy Spirit, they always have a right standing before God and should therefore submit to the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives. I. Christ Jesus secures your standing before the Father 1. “No Condemnation” is a legal…


Ephesians 1:11-19

I. The phrase “in whom” refers to Jesus Christ who is the center of all things of the universe (cf. vv 9-10) II. The Jewish Christians—the first fruits of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection—were given a special privilege to enjoy the fortunes of Christ (verse 11) III. It is not only that they were brought…