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Matthew 18:21-35

I. The forgiveness taught in this parable is not the forgiveness for/unto salvation, but it is about the practice of forgiveness in the lives of believers (a few observations) (a) Three characters: the wealthy man, the debtor, and the debtor’s debtor (narrate the story briefly) (b) The debtor’s debtor need not be a believer; he…


Matthew 11:28

I. Jesus extends an invitation to all who are wearied by the troubles of life to come to Him (28a-b) [who are tired from carrying heavy loads] because (a) He has the access to the Father and the resources of the Father (verse 25-27) (b) He is the only One who knows the Father (verse 25-27)…


Exodus 33:12-14; Matthew 28:20b

I. State of Moses (a) Felt inadequate to lead the people (it is good to feel inadequate so that we will seek the help of someone bigger. Moses realizes that he would not be able to accomplish the task himself) (b) Gripped by fear of future (next step) (c) Lack of clarity with regard to…